Service Center

This is our past project, the demo application service center that have been implemented on our client.
The main function of this demo application is to record daily operational activity of service center company. The daily operational activity is about record the customer data and it’s product that is broken (want to be repaired). When customer come, they need to register first in the front desk with the receptionist, tell about the problems of their device, the receptionist record it, and add the condition of the devices. After that, the device is handle by the techinician, add the detail about the problem on the device (root cause analysis), the required action to repair the device and part replacement of the device if needed to fix the device problem.
This demo application is built from scratch using Python Web2py Framework.
To keep our client privacy, this demo application is using dummy data with different database backend, different environment system (os, web server, etc) and different theme skin.
If you are using android in tablet or mobile phone, we provide application which can run on android as well.
Please fill in contact us page for access the demo application, and we will replied the demo application login information to you as soon as possible.
Service Center