Mutual Funds

This is our past project, the demo application mutual funds that have been implemented on our client.
The main function of this demo application is to record investment activities of mutual funds. Investment activities of mutual funds such as record the data of bank that investor used, currency that been used in mutual funds product, custodian bank, fund manager, selling agent that selling the mutual funds product, investor, product, investor mutual funds account, NAV (Net Asset Value), unit account, average cost per unit account, subscription or buying unit account transaction, redemption or selling unit account transaction and generate the report of it’s investment activities like account, NAV (Net Asset Value), investor, subscription transaction, redemption transaction.
This demo application is built from scratch using Python Web2py Framework.
To keep our client privacy, this demo application is using dummy data with different database backend, different environment system (os, web server, etc) and different theme skin.
If you are using android in tablet or mobile phone, we provide application which can run on android as well.
Please fill in contact us page for access the demo application, and we will replied the demo application login information to you as soon as possible.
Mutual Funds