We usually given to the people who might be interested with our product to try it before buying or advertise our product. The demo application are our past projects that have been implemented on our clients.
We usually created web application in our past projects using PHP (Native PHP or PHP Framework like CakePHP or CodeIgniter) or Python using Web2py framework. In our past projects application that have same functionality let say our application Stock Management System (SMS) that have been implemented in our customers some using PHP (Native PHP) and some using Python Framework (Web2py), so in our website link, we just put our project the web application that created using Python Framework Web2py. If you want to try our product that have been built using PHP, just fill our contact us form, then we will give you the link and login credential to our demo application that have been built using PHP.
We also provide support and customization of our products, so that it can match to your requirement and business process.
To keep our client privacy, this demo application is using dummy data with different database backend, different environment system (os, web server, etc) and different theme skin.