Stifix is a company which provides solutions and services related to Information Technology (IT).
Our services includes Installation, Configuration, Upgrade, Support, Maintenance (Preventive Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance, Condition based Maintenance, Planned Maintenance) and Monitoring according to your request.
We also provide solutions for desktop systems as well as server systems in various environment (Linux, Unix, Windows, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Mobile Device, Web, etc).
There is also a demo application, a system that we had built and implemented in our client before (past project). We usually created web application in our past projects using PHP (Native PHP or PHP Framework like CakePHP or CodeIgniter) or Python using Web2py framework.
For our past project, you can see some of our portfolio (System, eCommerce, Company Profile, Android, Chrome, Design) too.
Our solutions and services are not just for the business users. If you are a home user, we will gladly assist you as well. We can provide solutions and services for international customers in a number of ways. This could be remotely access or if required a physical visit to the customer.
We ensure to offer a total solutions and services, according to your requirements. Our satisfaction comes from ensuring you, that customer have been given the best price for the services and solutions provided to you by us.